Contents Vol. XXII Summer 2000 No 87

The Military History Society of Ireland, 1949-99: a message to mark the golden jubilee (Illustrated)
Donal O'Carroll Page 1
The battle of Manning Ford, 4 June 1643 Niall Brunicardi Page 3
Niall Brunicardi (1913-1997)   Page 15
A Dublin printed Army List of 1710 Kenneth Ferguson Page 17
The last hurrah of the Irish cavalry regiment of Fitzjames (Illustrated)
Eoghan ó hAnnracháin Page 22
The Irish Ambulance Corps 1870-1871 and the Dundalk contingent (Illustrated) Canice O'Mahony Page 36
Batons and Maxim Guns: The Belfast dock strike of 1907 Mark Radford Page 51
A dubious reputation? The performance of 16th (Irish) Division, 1916 - 20 March 1918 Lynn Speer Lemisko Page 61
A Cambrai Charge. The 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons at Guislain Ridge, 1 December 1917
Gavin Hughes Page 77
The Society's tour in South Africa, September 1999: a personal retrospect (Illustrated) Gordon L Heries Davies Page 85
Notes: Irish military pilgrims in South Africa, 1999-2000; Bawns in Connecticut and Virginia; The Ordanance Society;
The health of some Irish militia regiments at Aldershot, February 1858; Prinz Joachim
  Page 103
Contents Vol. XXII Winter 2000 No 88    
Three Castles: a sentinel in stone watching the north-west frontier of Gaelic Leinster Kenneth Ferguson Page 121
Weston St.John Joyce - Author of Ireland's Battles and Battlefields   Page 124
The trend in warfare in Gaelic Leinster Emmett O'Byrne Page 125
The politics of Volunteering, 1778-93 James Kelly Page 139
The Charlemont Toile   Page 158
From Soldiers Three to The Irish Guards in the Great War: Rudyard Kipling and the Irish soldier, 1887-1922 Terence Denman Page 159
'Let Irishmen come together in the Trenches': John Redmond and Irish Party policy in the Great War, 1914-1918 Joseph Finnan Page 174

Archbishop Walsh and Mgr. Curran's opposition to the British war effort in Dublin, 1914-1918

Jerome aan de Wiel Page 193
Irish Aces of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force, 1914-1918 Patrick McCarthy Page 205
Gun running from Germany to Ireland in the early 1920's Andreas Roth Page 209
Notes: Legislation of 1495 for 'bowes and arrowes', 'ordinance', and 'meat and drink for soldiers'; A belt plate of the 110th Cork City Militia; Uniforms of the Cork Militia, 1746; The militia in Ireland July 1902: actual strength, establishment strength, and location; Lord French's Proclamination, June 1918
  Page 221
Contents Vol. XXII Summer 2001 No 89    
"His Lordship, A sketch in the Pheonix": The 7th Earl of Cardigan at Sword exercise in Phoenix Park, Dublin. About 1843  
Page 241
Castles and the Pallas placename: a German insight Kenneth Ferguson Page 241
Some early Wild Geese at the Invalides Eagan Ó hAnnracháin Page 249
Captain Sir William Agustus Smith 1751 – 1831 W H Clements Page 265
Orangism and Irish military history, 1795 – 1920 David Fitzpatrick Page 268
Ireland and the Crimean war (Illustrated) Brian Griffin Page 281
Conor Francis O’Brien, Connaught Ranger (1895 – 1969) (Illustrated) Conor Reilly Page 313
The strange story of Stephen Lally: Connaught Rangers mutineer Brian Hanley Page 337
The mutiny of the Connaught Rangers – the literature Patrick McCarthy Page 342
Notes: Lieutenant Colonel Richard Gaydon, godfather, 1718; Attack on postboys by the Newgate sentries, 1770; Army families in Dublin, 1911; The Thompson submachine gun: a few footnotes; The Military Heraldry Society
  Page 344
Book Reviews
  Page 350
Contents Vol. XXII Winter 2001 No 90    
A representation of the uniform of the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards, 1799 [British Military Library ii, 74-5]   Page 361
An English or French etymology for "bawn" Kenneth Ferguson Page 361
The 1641 rebellion in Cork to the battle of Liscarroll, 3 September 1642 (Illustrated) Patrick McCarthy Page 369
The battle of Liscarroll - 3 September 1642 Barry O'Brien Page 391
A Cross for Ireland, 1658 (Illustrated) W. Y. Carmen Page 403
German mercenaries in Ireland, 1798-1807 Eva ó Cathaoir Page 406
An Irishman's proposal for aerial bombing during the Crimean War Brian Griffin
Page 427
Fort Shannon: a case history in Anglo-Irish co-operation during the Second World War (Illustrated) Donard de Cogan and
Sean Swords
Page 432
Notes: Ursula's story of her Hiberno-German ancestry; Churchill's speech on the proposed handover of the Irish ports, 5 May 1938
  Page 456
Query: Captain William Siborne; Records of Armit & Borough, army agents
Page 468