Field Trips and Tours

Foreign Tour 2015
The Society proposes to go to Central Italy in September 2015. The main theme of the tour is “Irish Brigades in Italy” in the Service of:
  • France – Cremona, 1702
  • Spain – Campo Santo, 1743
  • The Pope – Spoleto, Castlefidardo, Ancona, 1860
  • The UK – Trasimeno, Monte Spaduro, 1944

Departure date is likely to be 29 September with a return date of 8th October. However, an optional two additional nights in Venice may be included in the package.


Summer Tour 2015
The 2015 Simmer Tour will be based in Bantry with the theme “The Defences of the South Coast”.

Dates have not yet been set but a 3-day weekend in late May or early June is probable


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