The Irish Sword is published twice a year. The entire series of The Irish Sword is no longer available in its original editions


Members may however purchase sets, which will include copies, by contacting the MHSI. Please visit the 'Contact Us' page for contact information

Contents - Volumes I to XVIII (from 1949 to 1992)

These are presently only available in Adobe PDF format. The downloadable file is 2.5mb in size. The downloadable Subject List provides information on articles, notes, queries, replies and other matter in alphabetical order
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Contents - Volumes XIX to XXIV (from 1993)

- Contents Vol. XIX 1993-1995
- Contents Vol. XX 1996-1997
- Contents Vol. XXI 1998-1999
- Contents Vol. XXII 2000-2001
- Contents Vol. XXIII 2002-2003
- Contents Vol. XXIV 2004-2005
- Contents Vol. XXV 2006-2007
Contents Vol. XXVI 2008 -2009
- Contents Vol XXVII 2010
- Contents Vol XXVII


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